How to Increase Blog Traffic in Indonesia

Every blog owner wants good traffic and lots of visitors to their blog. But, how to increase blog traffic?

Blogs are indeed one of the right platforms for someone to build an online business or create good branding. Therefore, every blog owner must be trying to find ways to increase blog traffic for their interests.

Well, do you also have a desire to increase blog traffic but don’t know how? Don’t worry, we will explain how for you, let’s see the explanation!

Benefits of a Blog with Traffic

In the digital era like now, blogs have great benefits, both for business and for self-branding. That way, blogs need to have high traffic in order to get greater benefits.

Blogs can be a great place to do branding. You can present information in the blog to introduce the products you offer in your business or create interesting writings.

When your blog has high traffic, more people will be exposed to the products you offer. In terms of business, you will have the potential to increase sales and get greater profits.

How to Increase Blog Traffic with SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, this serves to optimize your blog in a search engine. Summarizing from several sources, here is how to increase blog traffic with SEO.

1. Create Content that Many People Search for

Creating content that is favored by many people is very important to get high traffic. Because of this, research before creating content is something that must be done.

In SEO, keyword research is absolutely necessary to know which keywords will bring in many visitors. Content created without keyword research has a tendency to be difficult to find by search engines like Google.

2. Create a Catchy Title

Create an interesting title so that users are interested in visiting your blog. Apart from being attractive, the title also needs to be adjusted to the keyword research that has been done before.

3. Create Quality Content

Quality content will make visitors feel at home for a long time enjoying the content that you create. The content must also be able to provide answers or provide solutions to something that visitors are looking for.

4. Pay attention to long articles

If you’re still writing 200 or 300 word articles, then you should start increasing the number. This is because search engines will judge long articles as articles that are able to answer audience questions.

5. Keyword Placement

The content you create also needs to contain the keywords in question. However, don’t overdo it as it will be considered spam by search engines.

6. Complete with pictures

Content that contains only writing may be considered boring for visitors. For that, complete your article with relevant images, graphic info, or illustrations.

7. Optimize Images

The images you add need to be optimized to improve the quality of on-page SEO. Some things you can do are not too large image sizes and use alt text on images according to the keywords in question.

8. Utilize Headings and Subheadings

Using headings and subheadings correctly will make the structure of your content clearer and easier for readers to understand. Titles and subtitles will also make it easier for search engines to understand the content you create.

9. Take advantage of Internal Links

Internal links are links that will lead to other content on your blog. Internal links will make it easier for searchers to understand the context and relationships between pages on a blog. Google also prioritizes blogs with related content.

10. Use External Links

Apart from internal links, external links can also help you increase blog traffic. Search engines will find it easier to understand the content you create by inserting external links related to the content you create.

11. Increase Blog Speed

Loading a blog that takes a long time will only irritate visitors and leave the slow blog. Therefore, try to make the blog that you manage faster so that it can satisfy visitors.

12. Add Share Features on Social Media

Social media can help your blog to get higher traffic. Because of this, use the share feature on social media to make it easier for visitors who want to share content and your blog to get higher traffic.

13. Maximizing Meta Descriptions

The meta description is one of the things in SEO content that you should pay attention to. The meta description must be able to provide a brief description of the content and allow readers to understand the intent of the content.

14. Use Simple URLs

You can create a URL for the content you create to your liking. URLs must be kept simple to help search engines understand the content of your blog.

15. Use a Responsive Theme

The theme of the blog that you create must be compatible with various types of devices. You need to make sure the theme used can be opened on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.

16. Update Old Content

After producing a lot of content on your blog, you should check which content is not generating good traffic. You need to improve the content and adjust it with various SEO techniques to make the content generate high traffic.

17. Install Google Analytics

Google is the most used search engine by many people. Therefore, you have to take advantage of Google, one of which is by installing Google Analytics for the blog that you have.

Google Analytics can help you to analyze blogs because they will provide a lot of data. With this tool, you can find out visitor behavior and find out the amount of traffic generated by blog pages.

18. Add Blog in Google Search Console

Apart from Google Analytics, Google Search Console can also help you increase blog traffic. This tool will help blog owners to monitor blog performance on the Google search engine.

19. Competitor Research

You also need to monitor the movements of competitors who are engaged in the same field. Several tools can help you check the performance of a site, starting from the amount of traffic, the keywords used, to the quality of the domain of a site or blog.

20. Keep Writing for Humans not Just Machines

Even though from the start we discussed ways to maximize search engines, we still have to use the mindset that our content will be read by humans, not just for search engines. For that, create content that is comfortable for humans to read along with SEO principles.

How to Increase Blog Traffic from Non-SEO

Apart from using SEO methods, increasing blog traffic can also be done in ways outside of SEO. The following is a way to increase non-SEO blog traffic as reported by Point Visible:

1. Social Media

You can take advantage of social media in order to increase traffic on the blog that you have. You can share the content that you create on social media in the hope that other people will be interested and visit the blog.

2. Paid Promotions

If you have a more budget, you can use this method to increase blog traffic. You can take advantage of various platforms that offer this, such as Google Ads.

3. Content Marketing

This method requires creativity because the content created must be as attractive as possible to get attention. When you succeed in getting attention, visitors will also increase.

4. Email Marketing

This method turned out to be quite effective for increasing blog traffic. Email marketing is a strategy for marketing the content you create by sending emails to many users.

Increasing traffic on the blog does require many ways. You can apply the various methods above to increase traffic on the blog that you have.

However, the way to increase traffic above will not immediately make your blog suddenly have a lot of visitors. You need to apply it consistently so you can increase traffic on your blog, good luck!